Friday – Code of Conduct


Often we are looking for the freedom to be ourselves in a private membership based arena. Playing alone in a home while the kids are out is only interesting for a while but sooner or later we have to come back into a supportive community so that we can explore our roles in relations to the backdrop of social interaction. But how do we do this while respecting that everyone will have their own protocol or codes of behaviour? After all … we can only play (and play deeply) when we feel safe and free.

In order to provide a comfortable environment for people who go deep into their roles we are promoting some guidelines that will help people maintain focus. These are not meant to be restrictive … rather they are designed to be supportive so that we can ALL share in a deep headspace.


We welcome all Lifestyles, including but not limited to: Swingers, Hot Wife, Single Ladies, Single Gentlemen), lesbian, gay, cross dressers, transgender Dominate/submissive who are looking for couples, and singles, or to enjoy themselves in an open sexy atmosphere.

We have specific event nights for the many choices in lifestyles, attend one or attend all of them Your choice. Remember what takes one person into another world may not be the desire of another. Be respectful of others fantasies and lifestyles.

We will outline a code of polite behaviour that will benefit everyone:
• No Means No,
• Enjoy the environment only to the level that you are comfortable
• All play is to be Safe, Sane and Consensual.

The event that you attend may have additional protocols and or rules. If that is the case you will be informed before you enter.


Smart casual at the very least, we are trying to create an extra-ordinary experience so we want to avoid ordinary clothes. Please note that expensive outfits are not required. So please dress in some way to reflect your fantasy whether it be sexy, kinky or fetish.


We promote a social atmosphere but please respect those that may be in their roles. If you wish to talk to another who is unfamiliar to you… It is helpful to ask the other how they would like to be addressed. Please respect their wishes.

All limits must be respected at all times. NO means NO until negotiated otherwise.

Never discuss what happened in the club once you leave. Leave all events at the club. Gossip is not healthy in this lifestyle.

It is important to understand that it is impossible to make a rule that covers every situation. Most of these codes of conduct do have exceptions. The point of this code is to illustrate how to be respectful of other people and to demonstrate how we can cooperatively lend our energy to make the impossible possible. Remember… for some people this may be the only venue they have to explore erotic sexual play. Some people will be new and some people will be experience players. Please be tolerant.

By following these simple rules we have and will maintain a club gathering built on mutual respect for one another and a location that all can enjoy

If you have any questions please do contact management at 403 860 2102 or 403 826 2670 we will be more than happy to talk to you.

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